BSA hires 90% of its full-time team members from the pool of candidates who have participated in our Internship Program. We are looking for people with an aptitude for technology, an interest in problem-solving, and an engaging personality. We tend to look for folks with one of the following degrees or categories: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Quality Assurance Specialist, Load Testing Experience, and ETL Developer.

We are looking for the following traits:

  • Share our core values. Our core values are to:
    • Provide unparalleled customer service
    • Be easy to do business with
    • Pursue excellence. Have passion. Never be satisfied.
    • Be humble. Act with integrity.
    • Take care of each other
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team, to create exceptional software for our customers.
  • Self-motivated. We feel the moment we need to motivate our personnel, we have the wrong person for our company. We believe trying to motivate an individual is a complete waste of time. Instead, we look for self-motivated people who are results oriented, and point them in the right direction.
  • Combination of smarts and a strong work ethic. Each person we hire should have the talent and competitive fire to eventually be our best staff member.
  • Strong understanding of the difference between having a job and holding a responsibility. We call this “productively neurotic.” People who are productively neurotic have a need to take care of outstanding issues, doing what it takes to produce results. In short, if they see a hole, they want to fill it.
  • Character/integrity. All members of BS&A Software need to demonstrate consistent honesty and integrity toward our customers and toward co-workers.
  • Strong interest in mastering software and technology in general.

Recommended Experience:

  • Experience developing in C++/C#/Java is preferred
  • Windows Forms and/or web development is a plus
  • ASP.NET MVC/SPA experience
  • Familiar with Javascript/jQuery
  • Unit testing experience
  • SCRUM/Agile Development Experience

Intern Job Responsibilities/Goals

While working alongside our full-time developers and quality assurance specialists, interns will be equal members of our team. You'll find yourself working on a wide range of software projects and all aspects of the development life cycle. Example responsibilities and goals include:

  • Create our latest generation of applications
  • Maintain existing C# Windows Form business applications
  • Write and maintain unit tests
  • Work with our QA team to ensure stable software releases
  • Gain experience in real-world software development processes

BS&A Software uses E-Verify as part of the I-9 process to verify the work eligibility of all new hires.