On-site Implementation and Training is one of the many important positions at BSA Software. This position requires a large variety of skills and talents including:

  1. A deep understanding of our software and how it can improve our customers’ daily lives;
  2. The ability to ascertain the comfort level of our customers and tailor the configuration of our software and training to that level of comfort;
  3. An ability to work both inside and outside our company to drive customer satisfaction;
  4. A natural talent to comfortably engage customers who may be uncomfortable with change. People successful in this area tend to have exceptional interpersonal skills and a strong interest in technology.

The ideal candidate will possess a business related bachelor’s degree and/or have a strong interest in the use and application of technology. He or she must also have exceptional interpersonal skills and be proficient with computer software. Extensive travel is required. Expected Salary Range is $48,000 - $55,000 Depending On Qualifications. This position includes full health, dental and vision coverage and a great 401k Plan. EOE.

Candidates should match the following traits:

  • Share our core values. Our core values are to:
    • Provide unparalleled customer service
    • Be easy to do business with
    • Pursue excellence. Have passion. Never be satisfied
    • Be humble. Act with integrity
    • Take care of each other
  • Self-motivated. We feel the moment we need to motivate our personnel, we have the wrong person for our company. We believe trying to motivate an individual is a complete waste of resources. Instead, we look for self-motivated people who are results oriented, and point them in the right direction.
  • Combination of smarts and a strong work ethic. Each person we hire should have the talent and competitive fire to eventually be our best staff member.
  • Strong understanding of the difference between having a job and holding a responsibility. We call this “productively neurotic.” People who are productively neurotic have a need to take care of outstanding issues, doing what it takes to produce results. In short, if they see a hole, they want to fill it.
  • Character/integrity. All team members of BS&A Software need to demonstrate consistent honesty and integrity toward our customers and toward co-workers.
  • Strong interest in mastering software and technology in general.

Full Time team members will focus on:

  • Becoming familiar with our company culture and values
  • Adopting our "customer-focused" philosophy
  • Working together as a team to implement new ideas and keep the company - and your career - moving forward
  • Becoming familiar with the fund accounting process and the use of our software
  • Developing a solid, professional working relationship with each BS&A Team
  • Training, implementing, and supporting the various fund accounting applications for new and existing customers
  • Adapting to a flexible, but demanding, work schedule

Are you a leader among your peers? Do these skills and talents accurately describe you? Would you like to work with other like-minded people of exceptional talent? If so, we would like to hear from you.

BS&A Software uses E-Verify as part of the I-9 process to verify the work eligibility of all new hires.